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Our products are implemented with newest technologies. We mainly focus on .NET technologies, but we also use others like Java. As a database engine we use MS Sql Server 2008, which allows for high performance flow of information, while MS Windows Server 2008 allows for secure and efficient work of our applications. Products are installed in shared, virtual and dedicated environments, depending on the deployment size and individual customer requirements.
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Modular ERP system
The system is made of the below components, which as "bricks" match to each other and create a larger structure. You can start with one and with growth of your company you can add new elements. An example of such cooperation could be executing warehouse actions when accounting documents are created, order are raised or generation of statistics in real time.
Application allows for example to forecast resources request or to calculate costs based on average usage. This kind of tool allows a company to unveil the future in just a few seconds.
Invoicing module allows to create accounting documents, it tracks changes on them or stores registries. The application supports foreign currencies, dot matrix printers or data export and import.
Warehouse software allows to track stock levels in any number of warehouses, tracks who, where and when done changes. It also works well with bar code readers and bar code printers.
E-commerce platform works in online store mode as well as in internal orders mode, where orders are raised by company employees. The system can also work as a resellers platform.
Time sheets
This is a joint hardware platform for clock in/out control, door access control and a software package that controls and counts work time for employees on all shifts in the company.
Software allows to store electronic documents, moreover it allows to generate and fill in versatile on-line templates. Application also allows to build templates on-line.
Statistics work with all other modules. They allow for accurate analysis of data flowing through the entire system. In just a few seconds you can get familiar with current and historical state of the company.
Most of our applications is available in internet and desktop versions - all cooperate with each other to compose a uniform system. Every module provides a rich set of features, however if you are interested in functions which is currently unavailable, we can implement it for you. Moreover if we do not offer application which in your opinion would enrich existing parts of the system, we can discuss building a new module for you on preferred terms. In case of any questions we would like to encourage you to get in touch. If you are interested in our products we will happily organise a demo for you.
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