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IT industry covers a lot of varied knowledge sectors, and each of them branches out into many separate sub domains. Our company focuses on software development and software related services. Below is the list of services which our team is specialised in.
Internet applications
This service includes full development cycle of internet systems such as e-commerce solutions, auction systems, advert services and ERP and CRM applications. Discussed system is a set of web pages that deliver complex functionality, which as a whole makes the web system. Internet applications delivers functions which can be associated with a standard desktop software.
This category includes production implementation of websites for companies and wide public. Most of the websites done by us utilise dynamic AJAX elements, which improve website usability. Such products are often enriched with CMS functionality, which allows the owners to edit content themselves. This service often focuses on web galleries, forums, custom forms that ease customer to company contact.
Desktop applications
We also produce bespoke standard applications designed for desktop PCs and server computers. Such applications include invoicing, warehouse or employee management systems. The customers choose functionality will goes through the full development cycle to produce the final product.
Support services
We provide technical support for customers, which exceeds support of our applications. We also take care of equipment that our software works with, which includes office PCs, industry terminals or computer networks - in general all IT infrastructure maintained by our customers.
Computer graphics
In many cases during software development of internet and desktop applications there is a requirement to design graphical elements. Our designers provide graphics designs required for ordered software. We specialise in digital graphics used in production of websites and internet systems.
IT systems integration
Complex IT deployments are composed of many elements, which communicate with each other to accomplish a common goal. When developing projects for our customers we integrate IT technologies that differ by programming language, architecture, operating systems or hardware which hosts tem.
IT outsourcing
We lead programming projects in which a group of developers works on a customer project during the full software development cycle. In such case, with large scale projects, customer has to his own disposition a team of designers, developers, testers and a project leader. This service is dedicated for customers whose projects require individual approach and lead.
Application programming interfaces, API
We implement APIs that work as components in customers applications. In SOA type of software we most often use SOAP interfaces embedded in a Web Service. We also build DLL and JAR libraries, depending on customer needs.
We provide hosting services for implemented software, services, data bases, mail etc... Scale of the service is adjusted to individual requirements. In case of small applications we recommend a shared hosting, however for larger scale software we recommend virtual or dedicated hosting. We always help customers to choose the most appropriate package based on the specifications of the project.
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