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Europacom is a UK based Communications Services Provider (CSP) delivering telecommunications and Internet services to business clientele based predominantly in the retail market sector. These business’ customers are by their nature operational over extended business hours, every day of the year. Consequently, operational support services are business critical and are often the catalyst for a client selecting the CSP in question.

Europacom has called upon the services of LBITS and Lukasz Stachowiak personally, in assisting with a number of internal systems integration/coding requirements since 2007. The latest significant project involvement has been the development of its Intelligent Network Management System (INMS) and Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) platform, a leading edge approach to preventative network maintenance and rapid services remediation. LBITS particular skills in interpreting the business objectives and developing appropriate code accordingly, has been extraordinary helpful throughout this project cycle.
David Bongard, Managing Director Great Britain
Firma LBITS rzeczowo i profesjonalnie realizuje powierzone zadania. Zakres prac jest ustalony fachowo i z odpowiednim doborem pytań przed przystąpieniem do realizacji co pozwala na dobrze jakościowo oszacowanie czasu pracy, ceny i terminu realizacji.

Proponowane technologie i rozwiązania znakomicie spełniają założenia projektowe a kontakt z firmą zwłaszcza z p. Łukaszem jest szybki i konkretny.
Albin Popławski, Właściciel Polska
I have been using LBITS for my web services since November 2010. LBITS has been excellent at providing the solutions that I have needed and has built a top class website which is extremely large and very complex but is made in such a way that it is easy to use and very reliable. (...) In short I trust LBITS ability and judgement implicitly and will definately be using the services again. I can highly recommend them.
Merric Gill, Director Great Britain
I was introduced to Lukasz a couple of months ago via a previous customer of his and I can say that I have been very pleased with my decision to move forward. Being a newcomer to internet-based businesses I thought that it may be very difficult to get my ideas across to Lukasz and have them converted into a tangible and visible website. I was wrong. From the offset Lukasz has been very understanding and has spoken to me on my level of knowledge. LBITS has always gone the extra mile to communicate with me effectively and given me extra hints and tips in the design, style and feel of the website. Lukasz is full of ideas and suggestions and is very patient in his approach when dealing with my often drawn-out descriptions. I know that Lukasz will continue to be very successful in this line of work, and I look forward to maintaining this great working relationship with him. I would recommend LBITS to anyone who is looking to create and/or improve their website.
Paul Magee, CEO Great Britain
I am happy to say that having wanted my website to be built on a budget yet to still look proffessional that the end result was as hoped. The process the get there was also supportive and proficient.
Emma Jane Lloyd Great Britain
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